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Miss Tinker Pet Boutique is now open.


Welcome Pet Lovers,

I am so very glad you stopped to check out our e-commerce store.  The idea to open

this e-commerce site, came to me when I found Tinberbell.  I had to put down one of

my dachsunds due to renal failure.  My only dachsund left was the brother and he

began his own process of grieving the loss of his sister, by destroying the house,

looking for her.  They had never been apart and they were 13 years old.  I had raised

them, with their mother and father, and 2 other dachsunds.   We decided to see

if we could find another dachsund and see how brother would do.  


Tinkerbell had been thrown in the dumpster by the original owner.  Rumor has it he

didn't want a runt from the litter.  Anyway, we drove 5 hours to see her and purchase

her from the Animal Rescue in Arkansas.  She was so tiny, weighing 3 lbs.  She is a

Chiweenie.  We introduced the brother to her, neither seemed interested but we

took her anyway.  Less then 24 hours the brother was playing with Miss Tinkerbell

like he was a puppy too.  He had more life in him, then we had seen in years.  


As a pet owner and lover of pets, I find the longer I am with my animals, I can

honestly see why some people say "I trust my animals more then I do people."  

I am an LCSW and treat mental health issues.  I have a few clients who bring their

dogs into their session and it is amazing to watch the dynamics of the owner and

the dog.  It really is a blessing to have that kind of connection with an animal,

that can be a part of one's healing.


I welcome comments and requests regarding what you would like to see.  

I am new at this on an e-commerce site.  I have 23 years in the field of mental

health treatment.  When I decided to merge this, It came right together.